Spiritual Direction

​Spiritual Direction Groups

These groups will meet once a month from September through May for two and 1/2 hours. The groups will have times of silence, times of faith sharing, and each month each person in the group will present where he or she is right now in relationship with God and we as a group will be listening for God in the midst of this time and for the movements of the Holy Spirit, supporting that person in prayer silently as he/she talks, and interacting with the person and each other about what we are hearing from Him. The commitment to pray for each other is a tremendous part of this process, in the group time and outside of it until we meet again. There is no outside commitment other than to pray for each other. The cost of Spiritual Direction Group is $495.00 if paid all at once at the beginning of the year or $60 a month. Payment is required if a person misses the group or attends, similar to taking a college class. There are several people leading groups for Dovehouse this year. You can sign up on line for one of the groups and you will be contacted with more information. Each group leader will be in supervision during their time of leading a group.

Individual Spiritual Direction

Gail Pitt, Kathy Koellein, Anne Dobbs, Jerry Regan and Frances Regan work with individuals, meeting every four to six weeks to talk about their relationship with God, and what is happening as the person is growing in relationship and walking with Him.
Please contact us via email if you desire spiritual direction.

The Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life (The 19th Annotation)

The Spiritual Exercises were developed by Ignatius of Loyola in the 1500’s to help those who desire to grow in deeper, more intimate relationship with God. Spiritual Exercises are a way of simply saying ‘yes’ to God as we journey in relationship with Him.
The exercises were written to be given in 30 days, but St. Ignatius realized that most people cannot take that much time away from life, work and family. The 19th Annotation retreat is for busy people in the midst of their daily lives. It is a powerful way of becoming a person of prayer and growing deeper in relationship with God as you journey with Him. Those taking the Spiritual Exercises in daily life will commit to a certain amount of prayer every day and meet with a Spiritual Director for an hour once a week from mid-August through May. Please contact Gail via email if you are interested in the 19th Annotation for 2018 and she will help you begin the application process.

Spiritual Direction Training

Become a Dovehouse-certified Ignatian Spiritual Director. Help others explore silence and navigate their spiritual journey.